Little Jacket

Getting into Communication Arts, a professional journal for visual communications, once is a fantastic accomplishment. We're proud to share we've been recognized for the ninth time in 11 years. We couldn't have done it without clients who trust us to make remarkable work for them.


L|A|N|D Studio


Love Lunes Over Buckeye

This dream project was brought to us by the folks at L|A|N|D Studio. They specialize in connecting people through public art. We were part of a team that also included a writer, Damien Ware, who lives in the Buckeye neighborhood. He brought a beautiful voice to the project. Our job was to make the type provocative in its environment. The type was impeccably executed by Alan Giberson of Alan’s Signs.


Typography Annual 7


Open Doors Academy


2014-2015 Annual Report

At face value, the '100 percent' featured on the cover of the annual report represents the high school graduation rate of Open Doors Academy scholars. No small achievement. But the 100 percent also signifies the effort each staff member puts into ensuring these scholars have the tools they need to succeed at school and life. 


Design Annual 57


MetroHealth Foundation


Waiting Room poster

Poster designed to promote the Cleveland premiere of The Waiting Room, a chronicle of 24 hours in the emergency room of an Oakland, California, public hospital; part of a fundraising event for the MetroHealth Foundation.


Design Annual 54


Open Doors Academy


Brand book

Knowing ODA employees make up the majority of the readers of this brand book, we wanted to create a tool that would familiarize them with the brand and the kids with whom they would soon be working. By the time you have read all 42 pages, you know our kids as well as we do.


Typography Annual 3


Open Doors Academy


2011-2012 Annual Report

For Open Doors Academy, the annual is not just a report to the community, but an opportunity to catch the attention of key corporate and individual donors. During a one-week summer camp at Little Jacket's Cleveland office, we asked eight ODA students what they wanted to be when they grow up? We spent the week exploring their career options. The culmination was business cards designed to match their future occupations.


Design Annual 53


Pitchfork Media


Pitchfork Music Festival mobile app

When we designed the 2011 Pitchfork Festival app, we had a couple of goals in mind: 1) make it cool and appropriate for the Pitchfork brand and 2) make it simple for people to use. The result was die-hard festival goers using our app in place of good old-fashioned highlighters and crib notes and sharing their experiences through social media.


Typography Annual 2





We needed to deliver a balance of tough and encouraging news on perceptions of Cleveland, Ohio. We chose newsprint as our medium, because it was easy to print on and allowed us to fold the paper so facts could be revealed in a compelling way. We wanted the whole project to feel serious and important, but with Cleveland's own brand of self-deprecating humor. 


Design Annual 52


Hey, Hot Shot!


Logo design

Hey, Hot Shot! is the semiannual photography competition hosted by New York gallery owner, blogger and entrepreneur Jen Bekman. Featuring an esteemed panel of judges, the competition showcases emerging photographers from around the world who are seeking greater exposure (sorry about the pun).


Design Annual 50




Gig poster

Commemorative poster for Wilco's performance at Uptown Theater in Kansas City, Missouri.


Design Annual 47